Late marriage astrology

Astrological combinations for Late Marriage Apart from seventh house, some planets play very significant role in delaying the marriage.
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No marriage in this birth The conjunction of Venus and mercury combust and retrograde in the lagna chart indicate no marriage.

Late Marriage in Vedic Astrology(Jyotish)

Rahu or Kethu placed in 7 th place and conjunctions with Mars or Saturn there will be marriage. Rahu placed in 7 th house and aspect by more than 2 malefic planets then there are very fewer chances for a marriage to occur.

Reasons for Delay in Marriage

If Moon and Venus are placed in any house and in the 7 th position if Saturn or Mars is placed, then it results in no marriage unless the 7 th lord is very strong. In 7 th house moon conjunctions with a malefic plate and 7 th lord also malefic then there is no chance of a marriage to occur. In 7 th house, Venus conjunctions with Mercury this conjunction, not aspect any benefic planets then also there is no marriage. The conjunction of The Sun and Saturn aspects 7 th house from the moon or ascendant also forms a possible reason for a marriage to not occur. If Rahu placed in 9 th house, then it indicates marriage Sanyasayogam Jupiter and Kethu both are considered to be the highest spiritual planets followed by Saturn and moon.

Hence The conjunction of Kethu, Jupiter, the moon in 7 th , 8 th or 12 th position, then the person becomes a Sanyasi. Kethu, Jupiter, moon, Saturn, among the four if any three planets placed in Lagna or in 7 th house person become a Sanyasi. Moon, Ketu, Saturn in conjunction placed in 8 th or 12 th it gives higher spirituality. Jupiter, Ketu, place in 12 th house Sanyasi goes to heaven in their afterlife. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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Basics Face Shapes. Facial Features for Late Marriage. Many factors count for the late marriage, such as personal choice of bachelorism and late mental maturity. In addition to the eight characters of your horoscope, the facial features can also be read for early or late marriage. The facial features of late marriage are as follows. If you have one or some of the following features, you may get married late.

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Reason for delay in marriage,how horoscope indicate delay in marriage.

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Reasons for late marriages based on Vedic Astrology

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